Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Kereru


We are learning about native birds I picked the kereru

Friday, 17 March 2017

Year 5&6 camp.

At pt england year 5&6 camp the first day of camp there was a lot of year 5 & 6 at camp.

What we done at camp was kayaking, get lost, Killer zone, tent, and movie nights, and at the last day of camp we went to the mangere pool’s. What we done at the mangere pool’s was go to the Field We have to wait until we can go because the water was a little dirty. We went last to go get something to eat we ate pizza bread, or chicken roll. and a ham roll, When we finished Our food. we could go in the pool there was a sliding pool and a bomb pool We only could go on the sliding pool when all the students in Year 5 and 6 Camp had to get out of the pool so the bombing pool could open oh Right A lot of year 5 and 6 get the pizza Bread.

My favourite part was going to the mangere pool’s. Because There was a bombing pool & sliding pool’s. Me and my friend’s played shark attack. it was so fun the shark Has to tag the other people that are humans It is a little like tag.

Thank you Mr burt because he is the one who made the year 5&6 camp. Because the student in 1999 Didn't had a lot of fun that day. Now it started because of Mr Burt it started in 1999 to 2017 we are the 27th year 5&6 camp The first one camp was in 1999 to 2016 now we went to  camp It was a little scary at night because I was so windy and I didn't had a lot of sleep.

You can go anywhere in the school and We don't have wear the school t-shirts.