Friday, 8 September 2017

Cross country

Last week on Friday we had the cross country. The whole school  ran for the cross country but it was year 1 boy first and then is the year 1 girl.
7 min later we were waiting for our turn it is to hot?!. Then it was our turn [finally it's our turn]when we ran and Finished we got a cup of later. so we got to the start line and got Ready for the big run. We got ready set go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

So i ran as fast as I could go the year five boys was squashing me i How to slow down because it looked like I was going to fall so we got out the school there was a lot of mud I went in the puddle I thought it was not deep but it was deep i got Muddy i got and ran i got to the Pt England Beach I was very tired and I had a big stitch then got to the Pt England car pack then to the gate i was i am almost there.

I got to the finish line i was like yes!?!? yess!?! Omg I feel very happy for myself.