Friday, 12 May 2017


It was a stormy night Until lightning hit the plane and then the power in the plane went off.Me,my mum,my dad,Bear Grylls until boom the plane crashes we were ready to survive the plane crash. We all survived except for some people.We all landed on a island we called the island The stranded deep Island i Invent a hatchet and a axe It was made with rocks, and sticks, with some lyeech strings,. it is very easy to make.

Me my dad made a fish catcher with a bamboo and with a knife. We got the knife from an abandoned boats and my mum said that we should escape with a boat i said no because the boat doesn't have a motor.We need to find another one from a another abandoned boats.

Me my dad invent a cooker. Me my dad made it with lyeech strings, and sticks. We cook the fish it Took 1 minutes to make the fire and it took 30 minutes to cook the fish. We all ate the fish is was not that good.

Today is the day that we escape. We made a boat with string and some sticks. We went to a another island and we saw a boat that had a motor in it. We got the motor and went back to the island me my dad and my mum and Bear Grylls Fixed The boat because the boat had some holes in it. We had to put the motor on we got some oil for the boat my dad put the oil in. My dad started the engine and hooray! the boat started. We all got on the boat except for Bear Grylls he said You guys go without

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