Thursday, 25 May 2017

Swimming lessons

We went swimming for 3 weeks at GI pools. there is 3 instructor Jed, kat, Jess, i was in Jed’s group

What we done with life jackets was we Learn how to lie on our backs. Huddle a line i like to do the line it is very cool. The huddle is very weird because sometimes your feet might go down It's difficult to control your legs because it goes up on the surface.

I learn How to lie on my back, How to float, float on my stomach, and huddle with other people.

I felt Exhausted, warm,a little bit cold,happy and amazed. I learnt how to Swim bitter float and float better on my stomach.

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  1. hi Jhon, I like your blog your so funny you look like your going to die hahahaha